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The Library Screen Scene

Film and Media Literacy in Schools, College and Communities 

By Renee Hobbs, Liz Deslauriers and Pam Steager

A Comprehensive Examination of Film and Media Programs in School, Public & Academic Libraries

paperback: $34.95


Praise for
The Library Screen Scene

This book will help librarians, educators, and their students develop the tools they need to understand media as well as our media now understand us. Our democracy, identity, and autonomy now depend on our ability to read the words and images all around us, and create even more powerful ones ourselves. Literacy is no longer just a luxury for the elite, but an essential skill for human beings in a world where our screens longer simply entertain and inform but addict and entrain.”

Douglas Rushkoff, media theorist and author

“A timely, broadly considered contribution to our understanding of media literacy and librarianship.”

Elena Rossi-Snook, The New York Public Library


“Grab your popcorn and settle in for a cinematically expressed narrative account of the authors’ design, development, and implementation—in the library context –of engaging, expertly curated film and media content, and adjacent effective (and fun) learning activities. Perfect for public and school library leaders who wish to try out best practices themselves, to design and bring substantive, culturally responsive, and community-specific enriched materials and experiences, inclusively, to a full diversity of citizens.”

Rebecca Reynolds, Rutgers University 

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